This site is designed to provide support to parents, students or teachers using the Math Expressions program. Math Expressions focuses primarily on number concepts. Number concepts are the foundation for all mathematical knowledge and in Math Expressions students are asked to become flexible in their thinking about number. Students will learn how to break apart numbers and use numerical relationships to solve problems and learn basic number skills. This instruction may be different from the way parents and teachers learned mathematics. This site will be a resource to understand the instruction of Math Expressions.

Math Expressions is organized around five crucial classroom structures that allow children to develop deep conceptual understanding, and then practice, apply and discuss what they know with skill and confidence. Daily Routines and Quick Practice involve whole class responses or individual partner practice, provide daily review and are sometimes led by student leaders. Math Talk is used to have students share strategies and solutions orally and through proof drawings. Students will practice explaining their thinking and listening to others. Objects or manipulatives, drawings, conceptual language and real-world situations strengthen mathematical concepts and understanding. A helping community in the classroom provides an environment for students to be both teachers and learners and develop the confidence to take risks in their thinking. Student Leaders support student growth by helping them to learn to lead practice and discussion routines.

Visit the Math Expressions website for games and a more complete glossary. Math Expressions

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