mathonfloor.jpgHave your child use a nonstandard measuring tool such as a toothpick or a crayon to measure things around the house. Talk about rounding to the nearest unit. Is it closer to 3 toothpicks or 4 toothpicks long?

Have your child find two things longer than his/her hand and two things shorter than his/or hand. Then have them find two things longer and shorter than his/her foot.

Use a ruler with either inches or centimeters to measure small objects around the house.

Have your child estimate the length of an object and then measure it with a unit ruler (inch or centimeter).

Find a benchmark for the length of an inch and a centimeter. Possible benchmarks might be the thumb from the end to the first knuckle (inch) or the width of the little finger (centimeter). Have your child practice using the benchmarks to estimate length of small objects.

Talk about all types of measurements you use around the house. This may include measuring when shopping at the grocery store (weight) or cooking (capacity).